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Girls Love Travel

Girls love travel is a Facebook group with over 400k members featuring women who come together from all parts of the world to share in their love of travel and exploring.

Purpose: GLT piqued my interest as I found myself 30 years old, and suddenly longing to explore. My Facebook feed quickly became mostly GLT: Stories of adventure, of unsavory experiences, of travel tips, and of course the wanderlust-worthy pictures. In discussions, many members asked for an app; a place off Facebook where they could drown out all the noise of too many baby pictures and ads. After reaching out to the founder, we discussed what this app would look like.

Objective: The Girls Love travel has to answer the needs of their all female users: Forums for discussing, flight deals, ways to connect globally, and ways to purchase merchandise; think Tripadvisor meets Refinery29, meets Instagram. I created a simple prototype using the walkthrough for the founder to use, play with, and share with other moderators.

Approach: Knowing the demographic quite extensively from previous market research and from the founder's unique insight, I knew that the app had to be addicting to use. Interactions had to move, it had be easy to navigate, and needed to be the platform that provides that much needed community. I chose the palette based on other established colors, and created the walkthrough for what the branding of the entire app would be.

Future: Since this project would require a lot of funding for engineering and design, we decided to table it for the time being, yet I'm eager to see this project come to life in the future.